Viper4Android-Complete guide for Oreo and below versions

Viper4Android – Viper audio is a one of the best sound equalizer, audio enhancer used by mainstream music DJ’s on their mobile phone. It’s one of the best audio mod created by XDA member Zhuang. Viper 4 Android was designed to work on the kernel level rather than just manipulating the sound frequency by software modifications. This is the reason it works only on rooted devices.

Our team has compiled a great guide to install and enjoy the great power of Viper 4 android. The developer has made this mod in order to get better audio output quality from your smartphone speaker by tweaking the physical hardware from the kernel level and tweak sound drivers.

Dolby Atmos Vs Viper4Android

Dolby Atmos technologies are one of the best technology when it comes to optimizing your sound output on any device but sadly we cannot install Dolby Atmos on lower versions of Android. It supports devices above 4.3 +

Viper4Android, on the other hand, has a support for lower variant android from 2.3 above.It works flawlessly for Oreo 8.0 and 8.1 with the latest update check out installation instructions below. It works just like Dolby Atmos with more enriched features.

Let’s look at the features of Viper4Android and what it can offer when it comes to enhancing your device audio.

Viper4Android Features


Headset Phone
  1. Master Power– This option defines whether to enable V4A headset sound effects, also known as main switch.
  2. Playback Gain Control– It is mainly used to dynamically control the audio volume, to amplify or to attenuate.
  3. Enable checkbox-Whether the effect is enabled.

Select Effect Strength– Effect Strength is the speed of amplification or attenuation, the stronger the faster the speed and the higher the final volume, the weaker the slower the speed, the closer to the original volume. Recommended medium.

Max Gain– When the volume of the note is too small, in order to uplevel the sound, there may be very large magnification. The higher the value, the louder the volume. But too large will also amplify the noise within the song. Recommended 4 times.

Max Output– This value defines the maximum volume of the PlaybackAGC sound in decibel value, the greater the value the greater the volume, 0 dB is the maximum. In order to make the sound softer recommended -1.9 dB.

  1. FIR Equalizer-511-order 10 bands FIR linear equalizer.

Enable checkbox-Whether the effect is enabled.

Select Preset– Here you can select default equalizer presets. When choosing custom, it will follow the user-defined lines drawn.

Linear Equalizer graphic– Will pop up when you touch the graphic equalizer, you can manually adjust the levels of amplification and attenuation of the 10 bands.

  1. Convolver- When an impulse response(IR) sample is loaded, music will show the same characteristics of the loaded sample, for example, equalizer, surround, reverberation, tube etc.

Make sure SD Card has /ViPER4Android/Kernel/ folder, IR samples will be located there. If folder not exists, you can download latest V4A FX and extract

Enable checkbox. Whether the effect is enabled.

Select Impulse Response. Here you can select and load IR Samples inside /ViPER4Android/Kernel/ folder.

Cross-Channel. Brings audio in front of you.

  1. Field Surround-It is mainly used to create sound field surround effects. The sound field can be understood as a mono-field or stereo field.

Enable checkbox-Whether the effect is enabled.

Select Field Surround Strength– This value defines the strength of the field surround effects. The stronger, the stereo effect will be more obvious, the sound will come from left and right sides.

Select Mid Image Strength-this value defines the central vocal intensity. More strongman sound more clear, the weaker the more ethereal sound.

  1. Differential Surround also known as Haas effect.

Enable checkbox.-Whether the effect is enabled.

Select Delay Time-This value defines the delay(gap) between left and right. The greater the wider the sound.

  1. Headphone Surround +. Virtual Headphone Surround effect.

Enable checkbox-Whether the effect is enabled.

Select Effect Level-Strength of VHS+.

8.Reverberation– It uses mathematical methods to simulate the environmental feeling sensation. Example a song can be felt playing in the auditorium, living room, bathroom, and so on.

Enable checkbox-Whether the effect is enabled.

Room Size-This value defines the virtual environment area size. The larger the value, the sound is wider and more echoes.

Sound Field-This value defines the width of the room above, in meters. Assumed that the above room size is 100 square meters, here to set a width of 14 meters, then the length of the room will be 7.14 m.

Damping Factor-This value defines the humidity of air in the above virtual environment, the moisture vapor in the air will easily absorb the echoes. So the bigger this value, the fewer echoes heard.

The wet Signal-This value defines the volume of the simulated environment effect.

The dry Signal-This value defines the volume of the original sound.

  1. Dynamic System-It handles the dynamic range of the sound. In other words the bass, treble, and limiting.

Enable checkbox-Whether the effect is enabled.

Select Listening Device-This value defines the headset type connected to the audio jack. If you cannot get the right device for good bass tone, then select Common earphone. The common earphone is a common choice. Recommend Common earphone.

The select Dynamic Bass-This value defines the average dynamic bass, the greater the stronger bass. Recommend 33%.

Tube Simulator(6N1J)-This option defines whether to enable tube simulator effect. V4A tube simulator uses a simplified mathematical simulation of tube effect.

If turned on, will greatly reduce high-frequency odd harmonic distortions, while increases even-order harmonic distortions of tube simulator.

  1. Fidelity Control. It’s a substitution for XHiFi’s Audio Reconstruction. It handles bass and clarity of the sound.

Enable Viper Bass checkbox. Whether ViPER Bass is enabled.

Select Bass Mode. Natural, Pure bass+ and Sub-woofer. Natural bass is alike V4A XHiFi’s Lo Contour. Purebass+ gives clean bass. Sub-woofer gives huge bass.

Select Bass Frequency. Adjust bass frequency. Recommended at least 60Hz for both modes.

Select Bass Boost. The volume of ViPER Bass. Recommended at least 6dB for Natural, at least 8dB for Pure bass+

Enable ViPER Clarity checkbox. Whether ViPER Clarity is enabled.

Select Clarity Mode. Natural, Ozone+ and XHiFi offers 3 different types of clarity. Natural has high vocal&treble. Ozone+ offers clean clarity. XHiFi is alike V4A XHiFi’s Hi Clarity.

Select Clarity. The volume of ViPER Clarity. Recommended at least 3.5dB for Natural, at least 8dB for Ozone+, at least Default for XHiFi.

12.Auditory System Protection-Protects auditory system.

Enable checkbox. Whether CureTech+ is enabled.

Select Binaural Level. A strength of Binaural protection. Recommended Moderate.

13.Master Gate(Limiter)– This option is V4A output limiter, its used to prevent overloud clipping distortion.

Output Gain. This value defines the main output volume. It’s something like a volume control.

Channel Pan: This is output gain ratio for left and right channel.

Limit Threshold. This value defines the limits of waveform amplitude by the limiter, 0 dB is the maximum value.

The smaller the value, the easier to experience audio frequency compression(the smaller the volume), will lose sound details, but can effectively control the final output volume. Recommend 0 db.

  1. Master Power-This option defines whether to enable V4A speaker sound effects, also known as the main switch
  2. FIR Equalizer- Same as headset equalizer.
  3. Convolver- Same as headset convolver.
  4. Reverberation.-Same as headset reverberation
  5. Speaker Optimization- Optimise internal speaker audio quality.

Enable checkbox-Whether the effect is enabled.

  1. Extra Loud-eXtra-Loud further amplifies the sound, but is controlled to protect the speaker, will not overload.

Enable checkbox-Whether the effect is enabled.

Select Effect Strength- Effect Strength is the speed of amplification or attenuation, the stronger the faster the speed and the higher the final volume, the weaker the slower the speed, the closer to the original volume. Recommended medium.

Max Gain-When the volume of the note is too small, in order to uplevel the sound, there may be very large magnification. The higher the value, the louder the volume. Recommend infinity.

Max Output-This value defines the maximum volume of the EL sound in decibel value, the greater the value the greater the volume, 0 dB is the maximum. Recommend 0db.

  1. Master Gate(Limiter)-Same as headset limiter.

App Information

VersionFX version (active) / XHiFi version (discontinued)
Codename(FX version) Beautiful / (XHiFi version) X-Factor
Operating SystemsAndroid 2.3 / 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 6.0 / 7.0/8.0
CPU platformsARM (ARM CortexA8 or higher), x86(Atom/i3/i5/i7)
LanguageEnglish (US) / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / more
UpdatedSeptember 1,2016 / September 4,2013 – Official Release


ViPER4Android FX APK

Viper4Android Fx is the main control panel of the app oferring you all the options that we mentioned in the above features section.

How to install Viper4Android APK on Android Oreo

This guide will help you to install viper4 android up to Oreo version of Android. Before proceeding let’s check out the pre-requisites for installation.


  1. Rooted Device
  2. Busy box app must be installed on your device. Follow below guide
  3. Viper4android fx –2.3x
  4. Viper4android fx 4.0x or above
  5. Custom recoveries like TWRP or CWM enabled

Installation instructions

  1. Install Busy Box – Download and Install BusyBox on your rooted Android Device from play store link
  2. Verify your Busy box installation via BusyBox Checker
  3. Install SELinux Switch it lets you change the SELinux mod without modifying the boot script files from this link. During installation, if you get an error click on the arrow button of error and press “Unsafe
  4. Open Selinux app and Press “Premissive” Button. Grant Any permission if asked
  5. Go to our download section and download for Viper4android which is suitable for your android version. Note that the APK files are in zip folders so use any file manager to extract.
  6. After successful extraction open “x-A7.x.apk” and install it as a regular installation of any android app.
  7. Post Installation goes to the Viper4Android app and if it requires any permission. Grant them
  8. If you encounter any pop saying to install V4A drivers for your device press “YES”. Make sure you have a good internet connection for it to download. “Grant Permissions” if asked for.
  9. Reboot your device. After successful reboot got your Viper4Android app and Toggle the left menu and check for driver status.
  10. It should say “Driver version: 2.5.04” “Neon: Enabled”.
  11. Play any song from your favorite music player and come back to the app, Enable “Master Power
  12. If you are a nougat user and facing any issues while installation or post installation. Try to install the second file in the zip file provided in the download section i.e “x_Nougat_IO_test_fix.apk
  13. Enjoy your music with great customization.

When we speak about tweaking sound drivers we should also keep in mind that you can ruin your device easily if you don’t follow the instructions.

I hope you enjoyed this article and please feel free to share your problems in the comment section below.


Q)Why some settings are missing?
A: Because you didn’t read update log.
Q)Why cannot switch driver mode? (battery saving or high quality)
A: Only CPU with NEON have choices. To change, uninstall and reinstall.
Q)Why no effect?
A: See Troubleshoot.
Q) Which to install? FX or XHiFi or Both?
A: The difference is explained in V4A main page. Install FX first. XHiFi is optional.
Q)Where is the build.prop lines in instructions?
A: This step is optional. Those lines are not on every device. You can skip this.
Q) Can I still install V4A if I already using other sound mods?
A: Yes, after installation, open V4A app and switch to Compatible Mode.
Q) Why installation fail?
A: Root or SU binary issues. Use latest SuperSU.
Q)Why is superuser not supported?
A: V4A does support superuser. Some superuser version has bugs, please use a stable version of it.

Download Links

v2.5.0.5 (Android 4.0~7.0,8.0,8.1)
v2.4.0.1 (Android 4.0~6.0):
v2.3.4.0 (Android 2.3~5.0):

Officail Links

Developer site :

XDA Thread :

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