Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Download 2020

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Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Download 2020

Truecaller Premium Apk gold download is one of the best call and text management applications for the android device and it is very popular among all other calling apps with more than 1,26,04,306 downloads in the play store as most of the users prefer truecaller premium app 2020 because of its awesome features that made the Truecaller premium gold to stand among all other.

People are preferring truecaller apk than google official dialer, so you can see how much demanded the truecaller premium apk is having in the market. But the free version of the app is easy to download in play store and use.

  • With the free version, you can’t really utilize the whole functions and features of the app and you don’t have to worry as here we are presenting you with the Truecaller premium apk mod version that you can easily download without paying a single penny also and the best thing is we always check the apps before uploading them on our website so these are safe and good to download.

[su_note note_color=”#aaff66″]Don’t forget to read the installation instructions and our review before installing TrueCaller Premium Gold Apk[/su_note]

How to get Truecaller premium for free?

How to get truecaller premium for free
How to get truecaller premium for free

Truecaller premium version is paid although it is very cheap not everyone can spend money on all the things, we have a solution for that which is by providing the pre-activated version of the Truecaller premium in 2020 and the best thing is it is the latest version and working fine.

Truecaller Premium Gold version Features

Truecaller Premium Apk Gold version Features
Truecaller Premium Apk Gold version Features

Before proceeding further let us see the features of the Truecaller pro apk so that you will get to know why you should download the premium version of the truecaller app instead of the free version.

Truecaller premium apk Gold caller ID

This is one of the best and coolest things about truecaller premium app as you will be getting a cool gold look in your profile and whenever a person calls you or you call someone you can see the gold caller ID instead of the normal one as this will help you stand away from the free users.

High Priority Support for TrueCaller premium Gold app users

You just can’t wait that long on the call to connect to the customer service, of course, it is boring and time-wasting especially if you are having a very strict time schedule. To prevent such, truecaller premium apk is having high priority support than normal users. This means you will be connected to the customer service faster than the people who use the normal version of the truecaller.

Truecaller Premium App Features

Check out Truecaller premium app features, go ahead and scroll down to read more.

Who Viewed your profile

Well, I have to admit it that, this is also one of the best features offered to the truecaller premium app users as you can see who visited or watched your profile in truecaller easily and this will help us best with the stalkers. we can easily find out who is stalking our profile. No hiding with the truecaller premium apk.

No Advertisements

Ah, trust me there is nothing more annoying than those advertisements which popups up while using your mobile or calling someone or maybe texting. But with the premium version of the truecaller, we can now use the app with almost 0 advertisements and no more annoying popups and promotions from the app.

View other profiles privately

With truecaller premium apk now you can visit other people’s profiles privately without any notifications to them so that you can keep an eye on your children or a person easily.

Smart Messaging

No need of paying a single penny to the mobile network operators for the SMS charges now as with truecaller you can now text your family or loved ones easily and you can send unlimited messages without even spending a dime, this feature is really helpful for a lot of users with poor internet connectivity so that they can directly chat in truecaller app just like the other social media apps.

Automatically Identifying the Unknown Messages

These days spamming has been increased and scammers are phishing the people a lot for the personal details of the people to hack and spam them for money and other things, but most people are aware of such but we just can’t take any chance as sometimes the message may seem like genuine and we may fell into the trap of clicking it and lose our security and money. To prevent this truecaller premium apk can automatically detect the message sender name and all details like are there any spam reports or is this a genuine text. You can then decide either it is spam or not, some time bank messages also come under spam so just look out clearly before clicking anything.

Blocking Spam and Tele Marketing Calls in Truecaller premium Apk

With an increase in new companies and different products now the businesses are more into sales of those products, it doesn’t matter either it may be a physical product or digital product you will get at least 5 to 6 calls a week and some people get even 2 to 3 calls a day. It all depends and varies from person to person. When we are busy and working in the office at those times we just cannot take all the calls and listen to that telemarketing stories, so to prevent that truecaller premium app is having built-in protection in which automatically spammy calls are being blocked according to the number of users reports.

You can Block by name and number series in Truecaller premium app

This is like a more advanced filter in which you can easily block the particular company calls as you can just pre-define the name or number series within the app to automatically block such calls, which saves you more time and prevents from risk. This is a very useful feature as you may block certain marketing companies who are bothering you to buy products.

You can see the names of unknown numbers in the call history

You can see the names of the unknown callers in the call history as well as whenever a user call, truecaller premium apk with automatically fetch the name and details of the caller from their database and show you as a popup even though you don’t have the person number saved in your contact list.

Call Recording in TrueCaller Premium app 2020

It is very necessary these days to keep a track or to keep a proof on the spammy calls who tried to get your personal info from you so that you can later on easily file a case, in case anything goes wrong with the proof.

Call recording is an essential feature if you are a person who deals with your product or customers through phone, in case if you forgot the information provided by the person or customer then you can easily get it by listening to the call recording.

UPI Payments and recharges

Truecaller premium app is having the feature of UPI, the fastest way to transact money and recharge, paying bills, and a lot more. You can directly connect your bank account and start sending money to your friends and family. The best thing is that in the Truecaller app the security for UPI is provided by ICICI Bank so you can trust the app.

Truecaller Premium Apk gold version vs Truecaller premium Apk

Check out the difference between the TrueCaller Premium Apk and TrueCaller Premium Gold Apk from the below table as there is a very minute difference between these two memberships.

How to install TrueCaller premium Apk Gold version free

Download Truecaller premium apk Gold
Download Truecaller premium apk Gold
  • First of all download, the Truecaller gold apk from the below download section.
  • After downloading, if you have any previous gold version installed then you can directly install the app by clicking on install.
  • If you have the truecaller free version installed then you have to uninstall that app and install the app from the above link.
  • Now open the truecaller premium apk and signup or login with your email ID or Phone number.
  • In case if you cannot log in with google account, then manually log in with the email ID or phone number.
  • In case if you get unable to open or no app to open message, then open the downloaded app in file manager and then click on install.
  • Enjoy using the TrueCaller Premium Apk Updated 2020

OnlineNewsWebsite Review About TrueCaller Premium Apk

I have been using the TrueCaller Premium Apk since a long time I have never got any privacy issues but sometimes the app is buggy and the call may receive late which is approximately 1 to 3 seconds, but this is now fixed so no worries, just download the updated version from above link.

Update: Gold ID is not working, remaining all are working and please comment down any issues.

Quote for the Day: Patience is a Super Power

TrueCaller Premium User Reviews

Been using Truecaller for years now and I love it! It works wonders and it blocks properly, so it makes me use my time on actual calls that matter.

A great app. I have been using it for more than five years and I’ve never been disappointed at how easy it has made callers ID looked for me. Thumbs up!

Truecaller – Caller ID app is a definite “must-have” Tool for ANDROID USERS. This app can be very useful by not only identifying at least 90% of callers but, can also include Caller’s Information + Call Block options. I highly recommend it!

Truecaller is doing a wonderful job. It helps me remember the names of my acquaintances which tries to escape my memory. And many more.

I have been using Truecaller Premium apk for the past year and I must confess it is amazing. All callers are well identified and it gives me assurance of the caller before I answer.

TrueCaller Premium Apk Download for Free Updated 2020

Download the Truecaller premium Apk latest version from any of the below links and enjoy all premium features for free as below applications are tested and working and one thing to keep in mind is that don’t forget to read all the installation instructions.

Download Truecaller Premium Gold

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