Spotify ++ IPA for iPhone,iPad and iOS

Spotify ++ IPA for iPhone,iPad and iOS

Spotify ++ IPA :  Spotify is one of the best streaming platform to stream and download tons of music content. Whether it might be android or iOS. We can get premium features of the Spotify by installing .ipa file for Spotify premium.?

What is Spotify ++?

Spotify Plus ++ is the premium version of the Spotify app which lets you download songs, tracks, playlists so that you can enjoy them offline.

Spotify ++ plus
Spotify ++ plus

Advantages of having a Spotify ++ premium app

  • No need to jailbreak
  • No ads popping up all the time
  • Unlimited track skipping
  • Unlimited scrubbing
  • Best sound streaming of any app

Download : Spotify premium APK for Android

How to download Spotify ++ app

We have provided latest working Spotify ++ for iPhone,iPad, iOS users so that you can enjoy the premium experience for free.

Navigate to the bottom of the article to download “Spotify++.ipa” file.

How to install Spotify ++ plus

Spotify ++ is not available in the app store because Apple won’t allow this kind of modded ipa files on their platform so you have to manually install the Spotify ++ file.

It’s not the Android platform so that you could directly press on the apk file and continue with the installation.

There are several steps involved in the installation procedure. Follow them

  1. Make sure your iTunes is up to date
  2. Connect your Apple device to your computer and iTunes will open automatically close it.
  3. You have install a external application to install spotify ++ named Cydia Impactor
  4. Launch the Cydia Impactor
  5. Unzip  “.ipa” using any archiver in your OS.
  6. Drag the drag it and drop it into the open Cydia Impactor window.
  7. If your Cydia Impactor asks for Apple credentials. Give your credentials.
  8. You have to Trust Spotify ++ for installation.
  9. Settings > General > Profile and Device Management
    spotify plus
    spotify plus
  10. Locate the app profile and tap on it
  11. Tap Trust and then close Settings
  12. Spotify++ is now ready for use on your iPhone or iPad.

Note: If you are using a free Apple ID, the certificate for Spotify++ will expire every 7 days. You will need to follow from step 5 every time it does otherwise you will not be able to use the app. Those with a paid developer account ID will be able to use it for 1 year before it expires.

Looking for an alternative? Download : Deezer ++ APP

How to use Spotify + +?

If you want to use Spotify premium app for iOS the follow the download and installation instructions above. Just open the app from your app menu and enjoy premium features for free.

Frequently asked questions by users

Q) My account is not able to login

A) Please note that developer certificate works only for a week.

Q)What connection do I need to use Spotify?

A)Spotify can use any connection! Mobile broadband, ADSL, cable modem

Q)I have limited internet. How much bandwidth Spotify need?

A)Spotify not uses P2P anymore, but still, music can be a large data consumer. To eliminate data usage, download tracks to Offline (Premium) and from File or Mobile app settings enable Offline mode. Also, you can stream in Mobile/Desktop with lower sound quality.


We hope that we have provided suitable information to your needs in this article. We thrive to provide quality
“.ipa ” whether they might be MODS or normal APK’s or “.ipa” in a working state. If your not satisfied with our article or you’re having an issue. Please report your issue in the comment section below so that our team can take care of the issue.

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