Peggo tv apk: Record songs tracks videos for Android,Iphone,Windows PC and MAC

Peggo TV APK: Record songs tracks videos for  Android,iPhone, Windows PC and MAC

Descargar Peggo TV PRO APK: Peggo TV is a recorder app which lets you record videos, songs from youtube, song tracks from SoundCloud and various other places. Peggo PRO TV APK is an android version of the website which works perfectly when you use it on your smartphone.

Peggo TV app is not only restricted to android but it can run on various platforms such as IOS, Windows PC, and MAC. It gives the user the power to download your online content whether it might be on youtube or SoundCloud and enjoy it offline. Peggo pro apk is a premium apk that does not have any downloading restrictions.

What is Peggo TV APK?

Peggo is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that records MP3s and MP4s of your favorite YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks.

Peggo’s packed with great features like volume normalization, unwanted silence removal, metadata discovery, integrated search, sub track offsets, and artist and title tags. You can read more about Peggo’s many great features.

UpdatedMarch 18, 2018
App Version2.0.5
Size7 MB
Requires Android Ver.4,1 Later
App DeveloperPeggo TV
PriceConatins In app purchases but free with our pro apk
Peggo tv apk: Record songs tracks videos for Android,Iphone,Windows PC and MAC

Advantages of Peggo PRO TV APK:

One of a kind music downloader has more advantages than its competition these are some of the features that make Peggo TV APK unique.

  1. Looking for High-quality MP3s? -Record MP3s at the highest quality available with peggo tv pro apk
  2. Want to Record videos? – Record your favorite videos as MP4s, from mobile-friendly 144p to full HD 1080p.
  3. Noise Cancellation – Silence at the beginning and end of videos is automatically removed so you get a beautiful MP3 with just the good stuff.
  4. Volume normalization – Every recording’s volume is normalized to the same, comfortable level so you never have to reach for the volume dial between MP3s again.
  5. Best Metadata discovery- Peggo TV app discovers and fills in the correct MP3 metadata, like the album, album art, and release date, if available.
  6. Better Subtrack support than the competition – Record just the portion of the video you want, like from 0:10 to 1:45.
  7. Identification of ID3 tags – Specify the title and artist tags. Undesired words like ‘HD’, ‘1080p’, and ‘lyrics’ are automatically removed.
  8. Don’t waste your time waiting for recording with Real-time recording there is no wait — downloads start immediately.
  9. Best Integrated search module which can quickly find videos of interest, right from Peggo app.

Download: Working Spotify MOD

Major Features fo Peggo TV PRO

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Ad Free
  • No limit on the playlist

Instruction Manual: How to install Peggo TV APK?

Let’s say you want to download youtube videos and play them when you’re traveling or offline peggo tv apk can help you achieve this by allowing you to download content in minutes either with your wifi or data connection if you made to download this app then you’ve made a good decision. There are some simple steps to follow for using Peggo TV APK

  1. Setup your android smartphone using Peggo TV APK
  2. Download Peggo TV APK from our servers.
  3. Install the Peggo TV APP on your device whatever it might be like Samsung, pixel.

Setup your android smartphone using Peggo TV APP APK

This is a very crucial step to install Peggo TV APP APK on your smartphone with this step you cannot use this utility. This is very important because the downloader will not work if you don’t install the app correctly.The most Android phone won’t let APK’s from external sources to install on your smartphone.This is because of security reasons. For installing external APK files you need to enable “Install from Unknown Sources” Option on your smartphone. You can do this by below steps

  1. Open Settings on your phones.
  2. Check the option “Unknown sources”.
  3. Tap OK on the prompt message.
  4. Select “Trust”.unknown-sources

Download Peggo TV APK from our servers

Peggo TV APK is easily available on the internet but not on play store because it doesn’t comply with their rules.

You can find links for download at the bottom of this article.


Install the Peggo TV APK on to your smartphone

Once you have download Peggo TV APK from our secured servers. You can open the downloaded “.APK” file. Then you need to do the following.

  1. Press install button after opening the APK.
  2. Let the installation process complete.
  3. Click “Open”.
  4. You have successfully installed the application.

How to use Peggo TV APP?

Once you have installed Peggo TV APK on your smartphone. Just open the app and click on the installed app you will be welcomed with a search field. Just type in the name of the video or audio you want to record or download. Play the video and click on download button.

That’s it you have successfully downloaded your favorite video in seconds with peggo tv apk.

peggo apk download

Peggo TV for PC

Actually there are two ways to download content using peggo tv for PC aka Windows and MAC users Go to their main site  and paste your content URL whether it might be youtube or Soundcloud you will be able to download your favourite content by doing this and another method is that all know that we cannot run “.APK” file directly on PC. A Workaround for this problem is to emulate android OS on your desktop. There are a lot of emulators available online for this but I prefer Remix OS player which is well optimized, runs smoothly even on low configuration devices. Follow these steps to install remix os player and enjoy our Peggo TV on PC.

  1. Download Remix OS player from this Link.
  2. Install the Remix OS.exe file on your Desktop.
  3. Setup your Android installation just like how you would do for a new device.
  4. Follow the above downloading instructions in the articles and install peggo tv on your PC.
  5. Voila! You’re using peggo tv on PC with ease.

Peggo PRO TV for IOS, IPAD,iPhone

iPhone, IPAD or whatever might smartphone from Apple. They use “.IPA” extension. If you’re looking for best file archiver for iPhone. You’re at the right place because peggo tv is a great utility for phones as well it doesn’t require jailbreaking your smartphone or such.

You can download the “.IPA” file from the Link at bottom of the article and follow installation instructions.

  1. Open the “.IPA” file on your Apple device.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Let the installation process continue.
  4. Enjoy peggo tv for your Apple device.

But unfortunately they have removed support for IOS devices and you have to navigate to their site to download content which is pretty straight forward.

Download content through peggo tv bookmarklet

Interestingly peggo tv offers a bookmark for you to download with ease. If you’re streaming your content and want to download it. Just click on the bookmark and it will be downloaded in seconds. Below is the bookmark

Drag the bookmark button to your bookmarks bar.If you don’t see your bookmarks bar press CTRL+SHIFT+B

Supported formats by Peggo TV

MP4,MP3,WEBM , .MPG, .MP2, .MPEG, .MPE, .MPV,.OGG,.MP4, .M4P, .M4V,.MP3,.M4A,.AAC,.OGA

Frequently asked questions by users.

Q: What is the alternative for peggo tv?
A: I would recommend tubemate.
Q: The bookmark is not working correctly?
A: Drag the bookmark button to your bookmarks bar.If you don’t see your bookmarks bar press CTRL+SHIFT+B
Q: How to download famous songs from like  VEVO?
A: Some of the content cannot be download by any app due to restrictions
Q: How to extract files?
A: Click on archive name and select suitable options (“Extract Here” or other).

Q: Is peggo safe to use ?

A : Yes it is absolutely safe to use


We hope that we have provided suitable information to your needs in this article. We thrive to provide quality APK whether they might be MODS or normal APK’s in a working state. If your not satisfied with our article or you’re having an issue. Please report your issue in the comment section below so that our team can take care of the issue.

Download Links

Link to Peggo TV  APK:

Link to Peggo TV PRO APK:


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