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Freedom APK

So what’s freedom for you guys?  if you are an Android game lover and love to play android games on your device then you might have come across many apps that have coins, cars, avatars and much more. Well for getting them you need a lot of gameplay time and sometimes you have to buy them right?

Duh!!, so what if I tell that you can get them for free?

Yes, you heard it right you can get them for free with help of simple APP called “Freedom APK“.

There always a catch for the word “free” right? Yes, it is not on play store so stop searching for Freedom APK on play store.

Does it really get me coins? Yes, buddy! You can even get free GEMS for your clash of clans, make in-app purchases a thing of past now.

Every user like to try some premium cars, Want to buy coins for their game but cannot due to many factors whether it might be money or apps asking for international debit-credit cards.

Check out: Freedom APK

Well, you problems have solved my friend here is a simple app which can totally smash those problems into pieces and give you the power to enjoy premium content.

Freedom APK let you enjoy some serious premium content FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Again there is a slight problem as you know Android doesn’t let anyone use with admin access AKA “ROOT ACCESS”. Yes, you need root access to enjoy this freedom apk.

Let’s download our FREEDOM APK YAY!!!. The instructions are very clear let’s read them.


How to Download and Install Freedom APK in Android


    1. Make sure you enable install apps from untrusted sources on your phone by navigating to your settings.unknown sources freedom apk
    2. Check if your phone is rooted or not properly there are many root checker available in play store. If you have done so then you good to go.root checker
    3. Simply download the latest version of Freedom APK link is below
    4. Let the download finish once it’s done now it’s time to install it. Press on the downloaded APK file and follow the installation instructions.freedom apk installation instructions
    5. Once it is installed check for the app named “Freedom” on your phone. Open it
    6. If I am not wrong it will open a pop up asking you for root/super user permission. Tick remember my choice and press grant/allow.freedom apk permissions
    7. It will display a list of apps installed on your phone which is compatible with the application to bypass them.

freedom apk app issues

Click on any application with in the app and click on buy in-app purchase free.
freedom app retrieving

  1. Wait for the application to process and got to that level or coins section in your applications and click on buy
  2. Voila! You have purchased premium content for free with Freedom APK app on any Android device.
  3. We respect the developers of Android applications Please support them by paying their fee.

Let’s see some of the cool features of Freedom APK

When you see the previous versions of the app you can see there are lots of features if you have this app

  • Buy top features in apps and games such as free.
  • Get free of charge in-game upgrades that may call for dollars otherwise.
  • Buy coins, gear along with further features with no cost.
  • Experience your favorite online games and programs to your fullest.
  • Grow to be a formidable compotator in internet flash games.
  • Freedom APK is totally liberated.

freedom apk infographic


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Let’s see the requirement to use our Freedom APK in android mobile

Well, there is much really need but let see what are the requirements to use freedom apk in our device. Please read these requirements carefully in order to avoid any issues by installing this app.

  1. Your Device must be ROOTED to use this Freedom APK. Without rooting, you simply can’t use this APP.
  2. To root your device you can try my apps available in play store like kingoroot for Android.
  3. Errors may occur if your device is not rooted.
  4. You can download our latest version of Freedom APK from our site.
  5. Freedom APK support almost all android devices running on the Android version. We have really taken this app for a spin and tested most of its features. It works great on any device.
  6. You can by pass in app purchases, get unlimited coins, game features of your choice.
  7. Save money with Freedom APK duh! Does it give everything for free right? then where is the question of buying and wasting money.
  8. Works on all latest devices whether it might be a flagship or a device running on bare metal. It works for all.

How to fix “No connection” error in Google play after installing Freedom app?

This really is a very common issue that many of the liberty end users got. But do not worry it really is quite easy to repair. Follow under steps to mend “No connection Google engage in malfunction”.

  • First, download a file explorer which may edit documents. (Or ex. Root explorer, and ES file explorer)
  • Get the folder called “System” in origin directory.Now open the “and so forth” folder at “technique” in order to find the “hosts” file.
  • Edit that hosts record and pastes the below code onto it. localhost

  • Now save the hosts file.
  • In the options open Applications Supervisor.
  • Locate google play Store and open it and click on Clear Data.
  • Soon after completing every thing Reboot your Android unit.

Alternate method to fix play store problem

Open Freedom app on your phone and click stop this will stop the freedom app from running and your play store should work again.


We have presented you with an informative article about freedom apk android no root and installation instructions to buy free in-app purchases. Please let us know anything about freedom apk so that we can improve our content or update the download link.

App nameFreedom
Version name2.0.6
Link updated on Today
Requires Android3.0-7.1.1
Installs1 Million+
In-app ProductsFree
Freedom APK Permissions
Root permission
Device & app history
Retrieve running apps
find accounts on the device
precise location (GPS and network-based)
read phone status and identity
Read the contents of your USB storage
Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
Device ID & call information
Receive data from Internet
view network connections
Full network access
Run at startup

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