How to get Spotify Premium Accounts for free

Spotify premium account for free

Today we are going to see how you can get free premium accounts of Spotify account so that you can enjoy premium Spotify with out any limits.

There is no need for Spotify premium apk for getting premium accounts for free.You can follow the below method.

Things you need for this

  1. Kanged Premium Spotify Account
  2. Kanged Family Premium Spotify accountspotify premium apk

You need only one whether its only premium or family premium I’ve mentioned both with different numbers because both have different tuts.

How to find these accounts ?

There are many telegram channels which share premium accounts but you can’t use them as,only one person can use it and it’ll overlap with your current song to other person who also using it.

Please keep in mind that you should not change Someone else’s accounts password and email or you’ll lose access to the account.

Note: We are not promoting these channels in anyway or we are responsible for the content on these channels.
You can get accounts from channels like this

After Getting account Check if its Only Premium account or its family premium account.

Follow below steps if you get Only Premium account

Go to profile and check the country  of the account and connect to that countries VPN service as in –

Download any vpn app and select that country in it and connect.

Kanged Premium Spotify Account

If you get Family Premium account.You can get the access for Spotify premium for lifetime, and follow below steps

Pre Family Premium accounts are not easy to find.

Note : Never change Password or Email of a family premium account, or the original user will report it to Spotify and you’ll lose it And your chance of getting Premium lifetime subscription too.

Steps on how to Make your old Spotify account premium for lifetime

  1. Check for the country of the account in Profile section and connect to vpn of it.
  2. Now check If any spot is left to add in family members section if yes then  that’s your chance for lifetime subscription if not just leave the account as it is, if you remove the old members then chances are that the original user will change its password so it’ll just waste your time and find a new one with the telegram channels.
  3. If you got any spot left in some other account then you’ve to put your Email and Name by adding it in the family members tab.
  4. Now you’ve to get the address of the account. as if you enter the fake address in your own account it’ll just revoke the access after one day and both family members should be on same Address.
  5. For that you’ve to contact Spotify. Make sure you’re connected to the vpn of same country as the account is or spotify will detect it and will take the account on hold.

How to contact spotify ?

Go to this link –

Now click on Subscription then on premium for family and the i still need help it’ll connect you to the customer executive.


After getting the address.

Open your old account change its country to the same and then confirm the invitation in your email and put the address you’ve got from the costumer executive.

Congratulations You got your account premium for lifetime.

Never Lose hope and try searching for it.

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