GBA4IOS Gameboy Emulator for iOS Devices (iOS 11/10)

GBA for iOS

GBA4iOS the most popular emulator on iOS just received an update for the iOS devices. GBA4iOS was created by developer Riley Testut and graphic designer Paul Thorsen.The first thing you’ll notice about the app is how completely different it looks. GBA4iOS 2.0 was designed from ground zero to look better on your iOS, developer goal was not only of making everything look better, but simpler to use. However, looks aren’t the only things that changed; GBA4iOS 2.0 brings with it a slew of new features, such as Sustain Button, Controller Vibration, and the ability to play your own music during games. Finally, 2.0 has been fully optimized for iPads, giving Apple’s tablet a first class emulation experience.

GBA4iOS 2.0 has full support for cheats! Playing some classic games are nice, but cheats give you a whole new level of freedom with what you can do. With support for five different cheat code formats, you don’t have to worry about whether your code is compatible with GBA4iOS – it just works. Better still, per-game Master Codes are handled for you automatically by GBA4iOS, making the cheating experience just that much easier.


The Game Boy Advance revolutionized the handheld gaming industry. For the first time, it was possible to have a video game console with the power of a Super Nintendo in your pocket. However, before the Game Boy Advance was ever released, Nintendo had launched two extraordinarily successful devices into the portable game console market: the Game Boy and the Game Boy Color. An amazing feature of the Game Boy Advance was its backwards-compatibility with these previous portable console games, and now GBA4iOS is doing the same. No longer do you have to find a separate emulator to play these old games; if it’s a Game Boy anything game, GBA4iOS has you covered.

GBA4iOS Skins

GBA4iOS 2.0 comes with a set of beautiful controller skins for both Game Boy Advance and Game Boy (Color) games. However, with thousands of games available to play, we wanted to give users just as many options for the skins they use to play the games with. Unlike previous versions of GBA4iOS, 2.0 has the ability to use an unlimited number of 3rd party controller skins. Want to have a Mario skin when you rescue the princess, or a Pokemon skin while you catch them all? With customizable controller skins, the possibilities are endless. To make the process easier, you can download the controller skins in-app, or alternatively download them our secure servers.

You can find the download links to skins at the bottom of the article.If you need a detailed guide on how to make skins for GBA4iOS then you can visit here


  • iPad Support
  • Full GBC game compatibility
  • Cheat Codes
  • Dropbox Sync
  • Customizable Skins
  • Sustain Button
  • Event Distribution
  • Wario Ware: Twisted Support
  • iOS 7 Controller support
  • URL Scheme support

Classic Features

  • Save States
  • Portrait + Landscape layouts
  • Frameskip
  • iTunes File Sharing Support
  • Fast Forward

How to install GBA4iOSusing MAC

GBA4iOS can be opened in Xcode and deployed to an iOS device just like another app, but there are a few steps that need to be completed first:

  • Download and install Cocoapods
  • From the root directory, run the following command in terminal: pod install
  • Open up the .xcworkspace file, and deploy to your device!

How to install GBA4iOS from your iDevice

  1. Go to your device browser.
  2. Click on the download button on the page. It will ask you to install the tweak box profile on your device.Don’t worry it is completely safe to install.
  3. If asked for your device pin or your fingerprint ID please provide your pin/ID so that installation could be successful.
  4. Hit the install button on the right-hand side corner of the device and the installation should be successful if everything is correct.
  5. On successful installation, you should be able to see tweak box icon in your app drawer.
  6. Open the Tweakbox app, go to the app section of the app and search for “GB4iOS”.
  7. Click on the app and press install. After successful installation, you should see Cute Cut pro Installed on your device.
  8. Enjoy the pro version of GB4iOSon your device without actually paying for it.

Note: You do not need any kind of jailbreaking for installation of this app.

Once you’ve done that you’ll now have access to GBA for iOS and if you’ve ever used this application in the past then the first thing you’ll end up doing is going to the settings at the top left and going to Dropbox Inc but I’m telling you now don’t do that unfortunately Dropbox Inc does not work in this version of GBA for iOS and if you try to use it it it’ll just end up crashing your application so if you want to transfer your saves and you have a computer you can still do that by following this tutorial I have up here and you can transfer your saves if not I’m sorry and hopefully Dropbox will be fixed soon so stay updated.

How to download games for GBA4iOS

  • Go to
  • You’ll see the most popular games and you can also search for games too if you’d like to do that this website does have a few pop-ups so if you get a white screen.
  • Just click on the back arrow at the bottom left and you can continue to search for your game once you’ve found the game that you want to download just click on the big green download button and your download will begin.
  • It will take a few seconds for GBA for iOS to realize that it’s downloading something and it’ll give you a pop-up to click on download you can hit download and then name your game whatever you want and you’ll now have it on GBA for iOS
  • If it’s not there don’t worry that is normal as well and to fix your game not showing up all you have to do is go home open your multitasking bar and then tap on the application to erase it from the multitasking bar
  • When you open GBA for iOS again your game will now be there and you can enjoy playing GBA for iOS on your iDevice in full screen it’s absolutely beautiful.


GBA 4 iOS is one of the best emulators available on the market that can bring your game boy experience to your iOS device. With the latest update you can even get this app for iOS 11 we tested it on iPhone X and it works great with full screen. You’ll absolutely love the gaming experience if you play GBA4IOS games on your device. I hope you really enjoyed the article.If you have any predicaments in installing the app please feel free to comment.

GBA4iOS pokemon skin preview

gba4ios pokemon skins

Download links

Download tons of skins from the below download link

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