Cute Cut Pro app for iOS(iPhone,iPad),Android,Windows and MAC

Cute Cut Pro app for iOS(iPhone,iPad), Android, Windows and MAC

Cute Cut pro is a powerful editing tool that gives you control over your videos and movies in real time. Editing videos on Cute Cut is a very easy and you need to have Cute Cut pro app for enjoying all the premium features that this app could offer.
Cute Cut is an Easy to use editing tool for all the platforms such as iOS, Android, MAC. Unfortunately cute cut is not available for windows but the developer is working on a windows version of the app and it could launch in no time.
Premium version of Cute Cut gives you the complete control over the app. You don’t see any kind of advertisement on the app and with our Cute cut pro version can enjoy all the features without actually paying for them.

Cute Cut Pro Features

  • Cute CUT provides intuitive bookshelf like Movies UI, which helps you manage your movies easily. All movies are arranged by date. The latest ones are on the top shelf.
  • It is designed for Multi-Touch. Just drag and drop, you can assemble your media segments easily. One movie consists of several types of Tracks, and one Track can contain several Segments. All of these elements are clearly arranged in the interface.
  • Cute Cut Pro supports adding 6 types of media into a movie. They are video (album/camera), photo (album/camera), self-draw, text, music, and voice.
  • Pro version of Cute Cut provides more customizable utilities than any other movie makers on iPhone or iPad. So you can make out your own unique movie that is much different with others. You can draw directly on the movie. Cute CUT gives you 30+ tools to draw. And 3 advanced brushes help you create professional effects (texture, linear gradient, and radial gradient).
  • Highly customizable transitions can be applied to Segments to let your movie making more exciting. Making interesting movies is very simple. Transparency, Border, Corner, Shadow, Rotation, Scale and Sound Volume and everything is Customizable.
  • Cute Cut supports making HD (16:9) and SD (4:3) movie. You can also make Portrait and Landscape mode movie.
  • You can export your movie to Camera Roll or send it to your friends by E-mail. You also can publish it to YouTube, Facebook.

Cute Cut Pro for iOS

Cute Cut works great on iOS devices whether it might be your iPhone or iPad. This app makes use of your CPU to a new level combined with the graphics processing capability of your device this surely is the best editing tool that you could get on the market. Cute cut pro is available on the app store for $5.99 we encourage our users to buy the professional version of the app to get support from the developer but if you don’t want to pay for it and want to try the pro version prior to buying.

You can read the instruction for installing cute cut pro on your iOS device

Instructions for installing Cute Cut Pro on iOS

  1. Go to on your device browser.
  2. Click on the download button on the page. It will ask you to install the tweak box profile on your device.Don’t worry it is completely safe to install.
  3. If asked for your device pin or your fingerprint ID please provide your pin/ID so that installation could be successful.
  4. Hit the install button on the right-hand side corner of the device and the installation should be successful if everything is correct.
  5. On successful installation, you should be able to see tweak box icon in your app drawer.
  6. Open the Tweakbox app, go to the app section of the app and search for “Cute Cut Pro”.
  7. Click on the app and press install. After successful installation, you should see Cute Cut pro Installed on your device.
  8. Enjoy the pro version of Cute Cut on your device without actually paying for it.

Note: You do not need any kind of jailbreaking for installation of this app.

Cute Cut Pro for Android

You can easily install the free version of the app from the play store but you cannot get the pro version of cute cut on play store for free. You need to pay for it. We provide “cutecutpro.apk” so that you could enjoy premium features for free. I urge everyone to buy the app for some reason you want to try the premium version for free. You can follow the below instruction for installing cute cut pro on your android device.

Installing the app simple. There are no complicated steps involved in this process. I’m sure most of us here know how to install apk files on Android devices. However, if you do not know(or are confused), then you can follow the steps given below for the same.

  • Make sure that you have downloaded the apk file from our servers.
  • Now you need to allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Go to Setting > “Allow installation from Unknown sources”.
  • Now you can install the app on your device. To do that, follow the steps below.
  • Once you do that, the apk file will be installed on your android phone and you can launch it by clicking on its icon from the apps menu.

Cute Cut Pro for Windows

We all know that we cannot run “Cutecut.apk” file directly on PC. A Workaround for this problem is to emulate android OS on your Windows desktop. There are a lot of emulators available online for this but I prefer Remix OS player which is well optimized, runs smoothly even on low configuration devices. Follow these steps to install remix os player and enjoy our setbeat on PC.

  1. Download Remix OS player from this Link.
  2. Install the .exe file on your Desktop.
  3. Setup your Android installation just like how you would do for a new device.
  4. Follow the above downloading instructions in the articles and install setbeat on your PC.
  5. Voila! You’re using setbeat on PC with ease.

There are a ton of android emulators like bluestacks, dolphins emulator etc.You can install any one of these and enjoy setbeat on them.

Cute Cut Pro for MAC

Cute Cut pro is available for MAC desktops on your play store but you have to pay 29.99$ to get the official version of Cute Cut Pro on to your device with lifelong support from the developer. If you want to try the pro version for free and want to buy it then afterward then please continue to read our instructions on how you can get cute cut pro for mac for free.

Unfortunately, We are unable to find cutecutpro.deb file to install directly on to your mac for enjoying pro version.Alternatively, You can run an android emulator on your Macintosh and install our CuteCutpro.apk file on it and still enjoy the editing experience on the mac itself.

  • The first thing to do is to install Bluestacks on your MAC.
  • Now download the APK that you want to install from our servers
  • You can download it from any trusted source online.
  • Once it has been downloaded, save it anywhere on your MAC.
  • Open Bluestacks and open the Home tab.
  • Now click on “install APK” icon at bottom right.
  • Navigate to the APK file that you have downloaded from our website and hit install like a regular android installation.


Q)Does this has motion blur, other transitions, mirroring and other features?

A)Yes, in the recent update they have added all the features to the pro version.

Q)I get “Cannot Decode” error when I want to save my movie to Photos library, Why?

A) The reason for the cannot decode error is probably one video used in your movie is not compatible with Cute CUT. Some gameplay videos captured by screen recorder also have this issue. Please follow the steps below to re-encode the video before you add it to your movie for editing.

1) Create a new movie in Cute CUT.
2) Add the video to the new movie.
3) Do NOT trim the video. Export the movie to the Photos library.

Thus you get the output video (re-encoded video) in the Photos library. After that, you can use it in your other movies.

Q) Cute Cut pro has Crash issues.

A) Sometimes your device memory gets clogged up and you need to re-install this app to fix this error.

For More FAQ’s click on this link and you can find detailed solutions: Cute Cute FAQ


Cute cut really is the best available editing software on the apple market for easy and hassle-free edits with a great UI and responsiveness. We encourage our users to buy this piece of software in order to enjoy the premium support from the developers and community.

I hope you really enjoyed reading this article.Please feel free to comment your queries we will get them solved in no time.

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