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Adgaurd APK: Are you annoyed by the unexpected and irritating Ads on Internet? While you are watching something over the Internet, and something comes and drop in your entertaining situations… Oh, geez!!! I know that pain in everyone’s gut. Let me come to the point. I can resolve ad-showing problems on your mobile phone. Let’s have a detailed discussion about premium ad-blockers like Adguard? Well, apps like Adguard are obviously paid. But what if you are getting them for free? Yes, we are giving away the Adguard Premium Apk file. Just follow this discussion and know how to use Adguard for free.


Basically, Adguard is a premium Ad-blocker, not a normal one like any third party software. It is quite advanced alike no other ad-blocker. It has been developed by renowned developers and is in the market for quite a long time. But due to its pricing, it has done very small-scale sales till now.

adguard apk


You won’t believe, but Adguard works like a charm. And due to its popularity a team of developers, again re-created the Adguard Premium cracked version for giving away. From our site, you can download the Premium Adguard Apk in free for personal use of yours to prevent ads showing in the middle of everything.

How Adguard Works?

Adguard acts like a filtering bot, which automatically scans web pages, videos as you watch and visit them. This is the new generation in where you have to do nothing. Just set your instructions clear and you have got the mastery of each and everything you own.

Everything is set in a row. As you visit a normal website containing annoying ads Adguard will immediately block those ads and warn you of that. In case of any automatic redirection from a site to any another malicious website, Adguard won’t let that site to do so.


Features That Adguard Has over Any Other Adblockers:


  • Local VPN Technology: This is one of the biggest features that has been induced into Adguard Premium. Local VPN technology In Adguard does several things at a moment.
  • You can customize your needs to show ads or not.
  • The Adguard Premium always works in the background. You don’t have to bother about this. Adguard will automatically complete its task and let you see videos without being disturbed.
  • Adguard plays the same role for even an ad showing game. In whole, you can say that Adguard is a combined and reliable Ad-blocker which will stop ads meanwhile playing games, Videos, and web pages.


Supported Versions Of Android Which Allow Adguard Premium:

adguard android premium apk

Whether it’s the Premium or the cracked version of Adguard Premium I doesn’t matter. You just need an ultra-prevention for annoying ads. So these are the Android versions which support both the Premium and Cracked version of Adguard Premium.

  • IceCream Sandwich (  0 – 4.0.4 )
  • Android jellyBean      ( 4.1 – 4.3.1 )
  • KitKat ( 4.4 – 4.4.4 , 4.4W – 4.4W.2 )
  • Lollipop ( 5.0 – 5.1.1 )
  • Android MarshMallow ( 6.0.0 – 6.0.1 )


Why Use Adguard Premium Cracked APK or you can say full version apk :

  • If you will buy the Premium Adguard bearing the hard money, it won’t be profitable for you. At the other hand, you can get the Adguard Premium Cracked Apk for free from our site. It is safe, usable and trusted for its longevity.
  • Adguard Premium Cracked Apk has the same credentials as the original one has.
  • You can set and control your  personal privacy as privacy’s  a very important matter for each person.
  • If you are thinking your child is accessing some inappropriate content on a website, then you can set parental control by Adguard premium cracked version and stop your child accessing that page afterward.
  • Adguard Premium cracked version will save a lot of data and internet usage of yours by not showing useless internet data-hampering ads.

adguard for android free download

Adguard Premium Apk Free Download:

Wondering now how to download the Adguard premium and from where? Never mind, we have the Adguard free Apk for you. Just download the Adguard Premium and we will teach you how to install the Adguard premium cracked Apk.

Google Drive Link

Zippyshare Link 

Megashare Link 

Decryption key :  !OnkA5cvMVhMcoNaTfOAiDWODkYhnhyKIkHdf4xkgNGY 

How To Install Adguard Premium Cracked Apk?

Go to the downloading link of Adguard Premium cracked version on our site, download it and save it for a while in your phone.

Here are the steps you should follow afterward:

  • Go to your Phones Setting > Security > Unknown sources > Allow installation from unknown sources. Just allow for once while you are going to install Adguard Premium.
  • Now go to the Adguard Cracked Apk located on your SD card and install it on your phone.
  • Then Adguard Premium Cracked Version will be up and running on your phone.
  • Just configure some preferred settings in the Adguard Premium App and go get back to your normal life.



After a lot of testing of reviews and testimonies, we have come to know that Adguard premium cracked version is same as the Paid Adguard one. You just don’t need to worry about the apps liability and many other things. We have tested it through Virustotal scan and it is free of any kind of malicious code. There are quite a number of third party and rigid Ad-blockers in the market, but that won’t make a penny in return of the money and time being. So it is better and reliable to go with Adguard Premium cracked version.

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